Programmed Carpet Care

SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care
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Programmed Carpet Care - for Commercial and Residential Applications

Spotlight helps you project a professional appearance.

You have made a substantial investment in carpet for your home or business. Keeping the carpet clean projects a professional appearance and provides a healthier work environment. In addition, regular cleaning and carpet care can prolong carpet life and save you substantial replacement costs. The continuous attention of the ServiceMaster® SpotLight Carpet Care Program will maintain the look of your carpet month after month.

ServiceMaster Contract Cleaning Services by Ross follows the recommended cleaning procedures of carpet manufacturers to provide a SpotLight program that fits your needs, both residential and commercial.

SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care gives you longer carpet life...

And a longer period until replacement saves you money. When soil builds up in the carpet fiber base, it damages fibers, giving you carpet a permanently dull, lifeless look. With our continuing monthly program of carpet care, soil is not allowed to penetrate to the fiber base. You avoid a dulling appearance and excessive carpet wear.


Monthly preventive carpet care eliminates the effects of deep soiling.

Often in a business environment, carpets are cleaned only once a year with a traffic lane cleaning every six months and attention to spots as needed. This pattern of cleaning allows soil to build up in the carpet, causing it to appear soiled, dull and matted. This is true in residential settings as well.

With the monthly cleaning service provided as a part of the ServiceMaster SpotLight Carpet Care Program, soil build up in your carpets will be prevented while probably costing you no more than you have been paying for a yearly cleaning.
SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care makes your payments more a comparable cost.

Our continuous care for your carpets is budgeted in equal monthly payments, no matter what ServiceMaster Contract Cleaning Services by Ross must do to maintain your carpets' high level of appearance. You will eliminate the risk of increased costs from cleaning to cleaning, while cutting the major expense of cleaning after your carpet has already become soiled and lifeless. The result: fixed, manageable montly payments
A consistent look for your carpet.....

ServiceMaster SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care will keep your carpets looking like new all the time with continuous monthly cleaning and attention to carpet appearance.

This process eliminates the old appearance of an obvious traffic pattern, promoting a consistent carpet appearance overall.
Why Choose SpotLight Carpet Care?

  • Maintain high-level appearance
  • Extends carpet life
  • Provides regular spotting service
  • Costs little more than deep-cleaning your carpets annually
ServiceMaster SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care
       from the leader in carpet care

ServiceMaster has been caring for carpets for more than 50 years.

ServiceMaster works closely with carpet mills and manufacturers.

ServiceMaster maintains its own research and development and manufacturing facilities to ensure consistently high quality products, equipment and service.
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